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RMIT Chinese Medicine program gives control to murderous CCP

Can student s lean to be healers when the program run by those who kill and abuse in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet?

I was enrolled in the Chinese Medicine program at RMIT but always felt uncomfortable with the political imagery and photos of Xi Jing Ping there. Also I know students cannot do clinical studies anywhere except a few places in China. That is, students cannot get credit for work in Taiwan or Japan. Both of these are important centres of Acupuncture training.

It is funny how Confucius is used to promote communism. In the 1970’s there was an anti-Confucius campaign in Chinese where officials who were seen as of the intellectual class were purged. I assume the Communist Party uses Confucius just to make Westerners (who have an Orientalist view of China) feel like it is something Chinese. Most know nothing of Confucius or the history of the Communist Party on Confucianism. Actually as far as Chinese Medicine goes it is Taoism that is associated with the art of healing. Under communism Taoists healers were used to build Chinese Medicine under the then new Communist State., Actually, these Taosis were executed by the Party when their usefulness was exhausted.

I have decided to quit the Chinese Medicine program at RMIT because of the human rights violations that are going on in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang underreported the orders of the Communist Party leadership. How can I pretend to learn a healing art when the supporting body is killing and beating innocent people in Hong Kong and other parts of China?

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