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Orientalist View of China in Fiction

We need an accurate view of China.

In the news is the issue of a UK Consulate official being held in China for no crime. This is clearly punishment for UK speaking about Hong Kong. Look at Canada holding Hwawei boss (for a crime) then China started locking up Canadians, seemingly randomly. China is a rough state. Don;'t know why so many people see China is a land of chops sticks and fortune cookies. So many writers portray China in such orientalist terms the truth of the place is never believed. Amy Tam, Lisa See and others and are guilty of painting this cute, mysterious land of small people and quaint customs. China is a place led by a cruel dictatorship that puts little value on life. They don't play by the rules but since they have wealth they buy influence. China in my opinion is the largest threat to Asia Pacific peace if not world piece now. The image of China needs to be brought into clear focus and be accurate. that is in all forms of media including literature. In my novel so many reviewers said "That isn't China. They have cute people and temples and tea. Your image is dark and has crime and racism and violent abusive government." That is the truth of many countries including China. China n=knows it can sway opinion by images of Mulan and Panda bears. Don't be fooled. People who have direct experience of the harshness of the PRC need to write about it and be published.

I encourage readers to read works of non -Orientalist writers such as Susan Barker and others.

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