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China's plan to take over the World

Let's face it. The idea of Yellow Peril has been in the popular culture for centuries. This vulgar, racist term has no place in any educated discussion. I am not here to promote this at all. Many have said my writing is racist. No, I lived most of my adult life in Asia. I speak two of the major languages of China and have many ties to the region. But, I am not Chinese and I trust that my race will not be used to defend against what I am going to say.

China will rule the world not by military force. In fact, the Chinese PLA has mainly been used to suppress its own countrymen not defend from an invading enemy-at least since the foundation of the PRC. No, Chinese leadership knows how to subvert and control the leaders of the greed. China invests and gives money to governments around the world to control them. How can the US be that hard on China when China is owed so much money by the US government? China could dump its US investments and ruin the US but luckily the World economic impact is what makes them hesitate. But, the threat is used to control Government and industry leaders. Recently Chinese communist influence in Australia and many developing countries has been in the news. People need to wake up to the fact that China is out to control you by your love of money. China knows that greed of leaders will allow the Chinese Communist Party to control so-called democratic countries.


So, alert your leaders to be sceptical of any Chinese investment. This goes for private sector as well. Publishing companies are experiencing many Chinese investments. The result is editors who might be hesitant to publish books that are critical of the Chinese government. Novel about chopsticks and fortune cookies will be palatable but one that talks about human rights abuses in China is not going to see the light of day unless we get out of bed with the Chinese Communist Party.


Not until the CCP loses its influence and China becomes more democratic will Chinese influence be transparent and accountable. As long as Western governments are ignorant of the motives, China will continue to take over the world. To the peril of all free people.

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