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CCP VIRUS: The master plan is succeeding.

Well the way I see it, the COVID19 virus was weaponised in Wuhan, rebased according to a plan. Whistle blowers punished/killed. Millions of Chinese died but in the big picture the CCP has never worried about death. During the Great Leap Forward (45 Million) and Cultural Revolution (20 million) more died. They locked down Wuhan to prevent spread domestically but the number of deaths in China was an acceptable number.

WHO in their pocket so didn’t need to worry about that.
The idea is to cause chaos in the west-to keep them too busy to mount much resistence to expansion into Hong Kong and organ harvesting in Xinjiang.
Expansion into South China Sea also without much fight why?

Because the enconomies of the West will need China market access so they will allow China to do anything. China’s army has only been used against its own people so there would never be military invasion. Chinese expansionism fuelled by Western greed. In the past few years the west has forgotten to shut up and has voices support of right of law in Hong Kong and protested concentration camps in Xinjiang. The virus provided a kick in the side of the West to remind them that when it comes to expansion, China will pull no stops. In the west we think this theory is impossible because “Chinese suffered too”. That is incorrect. Look at the conquests of China over the centuries. They used innocent civians to be human shields without hesitation. The Xi Empire is no different.

How about Africa? In 1978 I was in Peking,China and they talked about how Africa was the next place for communist expansion. CCP gave up on communism long ago but they can use the resources of the continent when the governments are brought to their knees by the virus. Black lives matter the least in the eyes of the CCP.
Asia faired the best. Why? The SARS experiment taught them to act fast. Koreaa, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and especially Vietnam knew in their cells not to trust China. They have experience with Chinese Empires and know not to trust them. The West wanted to think CCP acts responsibly. Naive as that is.
Now some say to let Hong Kong die. To let the slaughter go on. Those who want to speak up are reminded that We must not criticise China since any criticism of CCP is a violation of Hong Kong law and citizens can be extradited to China for death. China has moved quickly during the pandemic to expand control. It was planned that way.

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